Religious leaders denounce 'falsehoods' in mailers sent by Wardlow campaign

An interfaith group of religious leaders denounced a set of mailers sent out by the campaign for Republican candidate for Attorney General Doug Wardlow.

The mailers say Keith Ellison is connected to Louis Farrakhan and the Muslim American Brotherhood.  Ellison is the Democratic candidate for Attorney General.

The leaders also said Wardlow is racist, Islamaphobic, hateful and divisive.

“It is because of rhetoric like this, by people who were radicalized by rhetoric of this type, that a mosque in Minnesota, in Bloomington, Minnesota was bombed,” said Imam Asad Zaman, of the Musilim American Society of Minnesota.

“It is unconscionable to tolerate or excuse such vicious language and falsehoods,” said Pastor Laurie Eaton, of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. “I believe in a Minnesota where all are welcome.”

The mailers also say that it is Ellison who is the racist, referencing something Ellison allegedly said in college about wanting a black America. 

Wardlow’s campaign declined to go on camera but said it stands by the mailers because they are factually correct.  The interfaith leaders want Wardlow to give back the campaign money he collected as a result of the mailers.