Reindeer fawn born at Brookfield Zoo

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(Brookfield Zoo)

BROOKFIELD, Ill. (FOX 32 News) - A reindeer aptly named “Bunny” has given birth to a fawn just days before Easter at Brookfield Zoo.

The male fawn was born Wednesday morning and only weighs about seven pounds, according to a statement from the west suburban zoo announcing its first reindeer birth since 1980.

The fawn, not yet named, was up and walking within an hour of his birth. A one-day-old fawn is capable of outrunning a human, according to the zoo.

Reindeer fawns are born with dark fur that acts as camouflage and absorbs radiant heat from the sun, according to the zoo. Between two and three months old, they begin to shed and lighter-colored fur grows in. His antler buds will begin developing in a few months.

The parents, Bunny and Karl, arrived at Brookfield Zoo in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Zoogoers can see the new fawn, Bunny, Karl, and Crystal, another member of the reindeer herd, in their outdoor habitat at the Hamill Family Wild Encounters exhibit.