Puppy stolen at gunpoint in Minneapolis reunited with family

Harley Quinn was stolen at gunpoint Monday in Minneapolis. (Supplied)

Update: Harley Quinn was dropped off at the Minneapolis Police Department Fourth Precinct early Wednesday morning and has been reunited with her family. 

A man is sharing his heartbreak after his puppy was stolen at gunpoint in Minneapolis.

With blue eyes and a heart-shaped nose, 8-week-old Harley Quinn became a member of the Martin family as soon as they brought her home.

But Monday at about 6:30 p.m., Chris was walking the dog near 37th and Dupont Avenue when he knew something was off. Just when they were getting close to home, a car pulled up alongside them.

"He picks her up her up [and] shows me his gun and gets in the car and laughs and zooms off, and I’m like, ‘man don’t take my dog.' And that car turns its headlights on and they both zoom off down the street.

Chris thinks the thief was about 16 years old.

"He was very nervous, that’s why I kinda took a step back when he showed me the gun because it looked like he was ready to use it."

The puppy hasn’t been seen since. Harley Quinn also has a very distinctive white diamond on her back. The Martins are hoping someone sees her and helps her get home to where she belongs.

"Our kids miss her," Chris pleaded.