Prince's estate likely to be split among six siblings

Saying he wants to get it right, a Carver County judge is waiting for all appeals before deciding who gets to share Prince's estate.

While a myriad of people have come forward claiming to be related to Prince in the last nine months, it appears likely his estimated $200 million fortune will be split among six confirmed siblings, including his sister Tyka Nelson.

On the witness stand, Prince's half-sister Sharon Nelson opened up about the divide that has developed between Prince's siblings and apparent heirs to his fortune.

"In the past nine months, we as heirs have missed information that did not filter down to us,” said Sharon Nelson. "I have to be honest with you, in any family with six, seven, eight heirs, there will be a difference of opinion. We have four votes on our side of the family. We will hear them out and vote them off."

One of the issues the family and a judge are trying to work out is who will be the public face or the liaison between the heirs and the financial institution responsible for administering the massive estate. That estate includes property, Prince's likeness, his music and things like cash, gold, cars, and Paisley Park.

One group of siblings wants that person to be CNN contributor and one-time Prince insider Van Jones, who served as a legal right-hand man for the superstar musician.

The others have nominated Prince's former personal music and business attorney L. Londell McMillan.
"We were the first major free agents in music, he wanted to be free,” said McMillan.

"The estate has a bunch of problems that affect client, affect the whole estate,” said Jones. “I want to solve problems."

The judge will eventually decide how the estate will proceed and whether Jones or McMillan will be necessary. The judge also noted said today the court is not "looking for someone who is going to seek headlines for themselves."