President Obama surprises Coon Rapids mom with a phone call

For most restaurants, Mother's Day weekend is a pretty big business weekend, and one mom working at the Good Day Cafe received a phone call she will remember every Mother's Day.

"I may be working tomorrow, but that's okay,"said Stephanie Tarr. "I got the best gift ever. I will remember it for every Mother's d=Day."

Tarr and her two sons wrote President Obama a letter on President's Day thanking him. The idea all started on Christmas last year, when Stephanie's mom told her family not to buy any presents, but instead do nice things for others. She never thought anything of it, other than just simply doing a good deed.

On Monday, she received a call from the White House and was asked to do an interview with a "Senior White House official." The next day, she received a packet in the mail of letters from the president and photo cards from the First Family.

On Wednesday, Stephanie received a phone call.

"Hi Stephanie this is Barack Obama, your President."

Stephanie was one of 3 moms from across the county to chat with President Obama.

"I decided on Mother's Day, I should call up some letter writer moms and say thank you for being great moms," President Obama said.

Stephanie was caught off guard on her day off. She said the president was very casual and asked about her kids.

"We talked for about 4 to 5 minutes," Tarr said. "At first my heart was racing so fast I don't remember what I said or if I said anything at all for that matter."

Her oldest son was at school, but even Stephanie's husband and other son went on speaker phone and said hello to the president.