POT PIPELINE? 200 lb, $750,000 marijuana bust on I-394 in Plymouth, Minn.

Police in Plymouth, Minn. seized 200 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of $750,000 -- the largest shipment of pot likely ever caught by the department. Police said a number of factors point to it being more than a on-time shipment:

- The high-quality of the marijuana

- The large amount of it

- Professional packaging

- The fact it came from out of state

The $750,000 worth of marijuana was still in South Dakota when police got a tip over the weekend that it was heading to Plymouth. Police watched the pot get delivered, later arresting brothers William and Ian Anderson near Interstate 394 and Plymouth Road.

The vacuum-sealed containers each contained about 3 pounds of marijuana. The question for police now is whether they've interrupted an ongoing pot pipeline to Minnesota. Investigators believe there's some connection to California.

One clue is found in William Anderson's extensive criminal history. His arrests, most recently in 2011, list his address as in Chico, Calif. But then there's the large house in Independence, Minn., where police say both brothers are from.

As for the person driving the shipment, police say the driver might have been an unwitting drug mule. Investigators say it could take months to determine who else may be involved besides the Anderson brothers.