Positive Moments: Photos, videos that made us smile on April 11

Do you have a cute sing along, a funny distance learning moment or something else positive to share right now? 

Please email your videos and pictures to fox9news@foxtv.com. Your clip might air to help brighten up our newscasts during the COVID-19 crisis.

Quarantine Cinema

Bridget Krein in Woodbury shared these photos and video of her family's special way of getting the movie theater experience at home!

Balloon Spring & Easter display

Scott Nichols shared photos of his balloon display in Minneapolis!

'Cafe Mom'

Lisa Schaub shared these photos of her family's visist to "Cafe Mom" in the dining room!

Thank you, essential workers

Darlene Smith shared this photo of a sign thanking essential workers!

Jeeps make a 'JEEP'

Family creates home theater

Santa Claus countdown