Police investigating break-in, possible illegal street racing at Elko Speedway

Police in Elko, Minnesota are investigating a security breach at the Elko Speedway over the weekend. Investigators are exploring the possibility street racers illegally broke into the track early Sunday morning. 

Elko Police chief Brady Juell confirmed to FOX 9 that one of his officers came upon the scene involving dozens of vehicles and people, both inside and outside the racetrack. The track is currently closed for the season.

Chief Juell reported the crowd fled as officers attempted to investigate the circumstances of the situation. Many of the vehicles were seen fleeing north on Interstate 35. No arrests were made.

Chief Juell said his department is currently reviewing surveillance video, squad dash cam video and social media posts in an effort to determine who was on scene. It appeared a security gate was disabled to allow the cars to enter Elko Speedway.

Authorities in Minneapolis, St. Paul and other immediate metro cities have battled street racing and other illegal mass group driving behaviors throughout the summer and fall. Chief Juell explained his agency is too early in its investigation to determine whether or not what unfolded at the Elko Speedway over the weekend is connected to those other incidents.

FOX 9 has reached out to Elko Speedway for a statement.

The speedway is about 30 miles south of downtown Minneapolis.