Police in Owatonna, Minnesota searching for man impersonating police officer

Police in Owatonna, Minnesota are searching for a suspect believed to have been impersonating a police officer in the city Sunday. 

The Owatonna Police Department said around 9 p.m., a man driving an older police sedan with interior flashing lights pulled over a boy on Grove Avenue near the intersection and pretended to be a police officer. 

The man, who was wearing an untucked, black matte-colored shirt and black pants with a badge clipped to the shirt pocket, reportedly asked the boy to step out of the vehicle and performed some type of field sobriety test before releasing him. 

Police said the suspect’s vehicle could have possibly been a Ford Crown Victoria. 

Anyone who may have been stopped by the suspect, seen the traffic stop involving the boy or who may have information about the suspect is asked to contact the Owatonna Police Department at 507-451-8232. 

Police are reminding drivers that if an officer pulls them over, they can ask to see the officer’s identification and verify they are a law enforcement officer.