Police, city leaders attempt to curb violence in downtown Minneapolis

Following the shooting of six people and attempted shooting of several police officers in downtown Minneapolis last weekend, city officials are trying to figure out how they can prevent future violence in the city’s warehouse district.

City council member Jacob Frey said the public safety committee today something has to be done about the violence in the warehouse district.

“You cannot have a world class city and not have a world class downtown,” Frey said. “You cannot have a world class downtown unless it's safe.”

Minneapolis Police Department Inspector Mike Jost said businesses and business owners are also extremely concerned about how the violence affects them and the city as a whole.

Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman said many cities across the United States, not just Minneapolis, are seeing a bump in crime. He believes the problem is rooted in convicted felons carrying illegally carrying guns. Police and prosecutors are using all the laws they can to stop them but it just doesn’t seem to be enough.  

I think we're doing everything we can there is to do,” Freeman said. “Unfortunately Americans are a violent society and we have more guns that people. That's kind of crazy if you think about it.”
There are numerous city programs to also help curb crime, including programs working with the homeless and youth in the area.

This weekend, the downtown area will see increased police presence from Minneapolis and Metro Transit police. However, police and city leaders pointed out that after last Saturday’s incident, criminals do not seem to care if police are around.

To stay safe, Freeman suggested people leave downtown bars before close.