Police chase wrong-way driver in Carlton County Saturday morning

A car that drove the wrong way down I-35 in Carlton County Saturday morning resulted in a police chase, the first of two similar incidents on the same day.

According to authorities, 29-year-old Frank John Wrazidlo Jr. of Superior, Wisconsin, was arrested for third-degree DWI, reckless driving, failure to stop for an emergency vehicle and wrong-way driving.

Carlton County dispatch received many calls around 2:45 in the morning, reporting a driver going south in the northbound lanes of I-35 near Highway 33.

A Carlton county deputy located the vehicle and reported erratic driving as he drove parallel to the vehicle on the southbound side of the interstate.

Wrazidlo acknowledged the deputy but continued to drive, sometimes driving in the median, and swerving around cars coming northbound.

Eventually, the deputy stopped the vehicle by swerving into the northbound lane.