PHOTO: Guy illegally drives down Hwy 100 with passenger door wide open

Earlier today, the photo at the right of this page showing a guy driving down Highway 100 with his passenger door wide open made the social media rounds.

We reached out to State Patrol spokesperson Tiffani Nielson for insight as to whether doing that is even legal.

Here's what she wrote back in an email:

There is not a requirement for a passenger door to be ON a vehicle ([for example] Jeep Wranglers, USPS trucks), however, the door being opened cannot inhibit the flow of traffic. Also, the vehicle cannot have any projection that is greater than six inches to the side of the vehicle. Therefore, based upon this photograph, the driver is in in violation of the projecting load statute and also the door being opened could interfere with the movement of other traffic.

So there you go. Not only is driving down the highway like that cold and probably not very smart, but it could get you in trouble with the law as well.

Photo credit -- Here's BrianM's tweet from which the photo is taken (he says the man was coming from Costco):