Peoria woman says Walgreens pharmacist denied her miscarriage medicine due to moral objection

A Peoria woman says a Walgreens pharmacist denied her medicine to treat her miscarriage because of his personal beliefs on Thursday.

After learning her child's development had stopped, Nicole Arteaga says she chose to take prescription medication to treat her miscarriage.

The pharmacist, Arteaga says, refused to give her the medication because of his personal morals despite explaining her personal situation. 

Her prescription was transferred to another Walgreens location across town, according to Arteaga. 

Arteaga says she has contacted the store manager, the Walgreens corporate office and has filed a complaint with the Arizona Board of Pharmacy.

Her Facebook post about her situation has gone viral, with over 26,000 shares since Sunday.

Walgreens' policy allows pharmacists to step away from filling a prescription if they have any moral objections - however, they are still obligated to direct the medication to another pharmacist or manager on duty.