Pennies for Patients: Money raised by kids for kids impacted by leukemia and lymphoma

Imagine if we all gathered up our spare change, how much money we might have. That's the idea behind a cause called Pennies for Patients.  It's an easy fundraiser for kids and it makes a big difference in the lives of those impacted by leukemia and lymphoma.

"I'm happy that Pennies for Patients is raising money for kids like me," said Molly Williams, a leukemia survivor.

Pennies for Patients is a program for kids to help a lot of kids. It's a campaign in schools where kids collect spare change throughout the year and pool their money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

"It's built on the idea that every penny counts in the fight against blood cancer," said Alli Rekow, Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

The top five fundraising schools in the metro get a visit from the Prize Patrol, a bus full of goodies, to celebrate.

“I think for our school because it's so large this is the one thing that brings our school together,” said Matthew Eicheldinger, Wayzata Central Middle School.

This year, Wayzata Central Middle School raised $19,000 as the top fundraiser. It’s money that has a face and an impact attached to it.

“All of us know somebody affected by cancer and it has touched all of our communities,” said Rekow.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is hoping to raise $860,000 dollars among 930 schools across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin.

So far, they've raised around $700,000.