Paralyzed teen defies the odds by following her dreams

Six years ago, her life changed forever when a shooting left her paralyzed. Instead of tragedy, she became an inspiration, and on Saturday she and her loved ones celebrated a milestone: her high school graduation.

In the back room of a Minneapolis bank, there was a celebration worth more than any safe.
The future for 19-year-old Guadalupe Hernandez was once anything but bright. In 2011, she was shot and paralyzed, her life nearly lost.

"It was really hard, I was really depressed, angry, sad," Hernandez said.

But, in the years that followed, despair became inspiration. A recent graduate of Minneapolis South High School, she now has her sight set on college, where she plans to study education and become a teacher.

For the people who have rallied around her, Hernandez is a reminder of the work that still needs to be done. In 2016, the City of Minneapolis recorded 37 murders with gang violence.

"You cannot just do something and ruin someone else's life," said Hernandez. "We have to stop it, we can reduce it, and its been done before."

If anyone symbolizes this possibility, it's Hernandez. Her life showing us all what it really means to hope.