Pair of popular vloggers from Edina appear in new music video

Hannah and Shane Burcaw (FOX 9)

Whether it's swimming, traveling, or even getting married, Shane and Hannah Burcaw share their daily lives as an inter-abled couple on their YouTube channel, Squirmy, and Grubs, which has nearly 900,000 subscribers.

Now they are hoping to help other members of the disabled community feel like they are being seen.

"We are trying to improve the way society understands disability," said Shane Burcaw.

The couple is featured in a new music video for a song called "Spaces" by musician James Ian, who has the same rare condition, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA, as Shane, which severely weakens their muscles.

The Burcaws believe the song is the first created by and for the disabled community.

"Disability is not very well represented in any form of media. When you turn on TV, it's very rare to see someone with a disability. When you listen to the radio, very rare to hear someone with a disability," said Shane.

Not only do clips of their wedding appear in the video, along with images of other members of the SMA community, the Burcaws also helped brainstorm and write the song and everything in the video was directed and executed by people with disabilities.

"There is so much stigma and misunderstanding surrounding disability. We believe this song is going to change and improve a lot of perceptions of disability, showing people we are out here living amazing lives and careers and nothing to hold us back, " said Shane.

The Burcaws hope the catchy melody helps listeners absorb the deeper message and inspires other people with disabilities to make their mark.

"I hope one thing this song does is show young people with disabilities that they can do anything they put their hearts and minds to," said Shane.