‘Not on my watch.’ Walz responds to leaked Roe v Wade opinion reported by Politico

A leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court pointing toward the court overruling the major abortion rights case Roe versus Wade, published in a bombshell report by Politico, has Governor Walz promising Minnesota won't face an abortion ban under his leadership.

According to the report, the draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito is from February. FOX News has been unable to confirm the draft is authentic and reporter Shannon Bream notes that, if real, it is only a draft and votes can change. No decision or opinion is official until it's released.

If the reported opinion becomes official, it would leave abortion rights up to individual states.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Governor Tim Walz said regardless of any Supreme Court decision, abortion will remain legal in Minnesota.

The statement by Walz reads:

"Let me make something abundantly clear for all Minnesotans if this reported draft #SCOTUS opinion is released: There will never be an abortion ban under my watch. The right to an abortion will be respected in Minnesota as long as I am in office."

Another Democrat, Senator Tina Smith, also shared her reaction to the report, writing: "Roe v. Wade is gone. The Supreme Court is abandoning the right to an abortion. That’s real. We have to organize—I’ll be right there on the front lines with you."