Nonprofit placing flags at every headstone at Ft. Snelling for Memorial Day

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The nonprofit Flags for Fort Snelling is putting an American flag placed at every headstone at Fort Snelling National Cemetery this weekend, just in time for Memorial Day.

The nonprofit reached its fundraising goal of $225,000 to cover costs to place roughly 200,000 flags at the massive cemetery. This milestone would mark the first time in 35 years the headstone of every military veteran laid to rest there would have a flag. The pre-registered volunteers will place the flags early Saturday morning.

The nonprofit is partnering with Mall of America for a variety of events to honor the fallen. From Friday through Monday, the Rotunda will feature a Tribute to the Troops Wall for the Minnesota's fallen soldiers.

In 2015, Joanne Malmstedt gathered a group of volunteers to place 3,000 flags at Ft. Snelling after learning the cemetery stopped the tradition of putting out flags decades ago. The effort to cover the entire cemetery has grown each year.

For more information about Flags for Fort Snelling, click here.