Nonprofit films 2-minute profiles to help foster children get adopted

A new idea may help hundreds of children in foster care find adoptive parents. The Reel Hope Project based out of Elk River, Minnesota is profiling foster kids in a series of videos and then showcasing those videos at area churches.

“As far as we know, we are the only ones doing this in Minnesota,” said The Reel Hope Project founder Kaycee Stanley. Kaycee is a youth pastor at Central Lutheran in Elk River and she, along with her husband Pete, saw this as an avenue to help these children be seen.

“The videos do something a sheet of paper can’t do,” Pete said.  “When you can show them laugh and smile, their fun side, it’s a total game changer." 

The Stanleys started Reel Hope in September and have already placed one child with a family. Several others going through the process of adoption as well.

They are visiting two churches a month through the rest of the summer and they hope the idea will continue to grow.

As part of the adoption process, they want to build a support system for adoptive families.  For every one adoptive family, they ask five families to lend a helping hand.

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