St. Paul neighborhood still honoring 4th of July

Walk along Lexington Parkway South in St. Paul, Minnesota and you’ll see that the Fourth of July is longer than just one day.

Two hundred and forty-five flags line the sidewalk: one for each year of freedom since 1776. But, the flags are also to remember the men and women who have secured that freedom.

"So this walk of honor is to honor those that paid the price for us to enjoy freedom," said Paul Langenfeld, a St. Paul resident. "But it's also a reminder not to forget that we should never take our freedom for granted."
Longtime neighbors have never seen this kind of unity and the message to them is clear.

"It's good to be an American. That’s the only thing I can tell you. And it’s good to be free," Mary Ann Davis, who lives on Lexington Parkway, said. Her husband served as a marine in World War Two.

Ron Sander served in the navy during the Vietnam War.

"it's very refreshing to go and look down the block and see, oh, my goodness, this keeps on going," he told FOX 9.

The message of the walk of honor is not just about patriotism, it’s about values.

"It's one of those things that it's a sign of the unity and the solidarity and what neighbors can do when they pull together for a cause," Langenfeld said.

When Langenfeld walked up and down the block asking if he could plant the flags, neighbors embraced the idea. The flags will stay up through Wednesday.