Navy Veteran reflects on cross-country motorcycle journey honoring Gold Star Families

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He dealt with west coast wildfires, the desert summer sun and southern humidity on his journey, but a local veteran endured it all on his mission to pay tribute to Gold Star Families across the country.

Sometimes he would ride with others, but sometimes Tony Price was all alone. No matter what, his mission and the organization he leads is clear.

His cross-country journey is now over and a map shows the Navy veteran’s incredible path.

“Gold Star Families, of course, are the immediate family members of anybody killed in the military,” Price explained of the families he met along the way.

Through social media, he chronicled his trip and connected with 64 families nationwide last summer. He rode across 44 states in 58 days on his motorcycle for Price’s Gold Star Ride Foundation.

“The thing that makes us unique is we present anything for the families with a personal visit and we go on a motorcycle and we invite anyone with a motorcycle to go with it,” Price said.

Price’s foundation provides honorary plaques, resources for counseling and education funds to the families as well as an ear to hear their stories.

The roughly 18,000-mile trip was filled with days of scorching desert heat and breakdowns. At one point, in Pennsylvania, a man’s roadside kindness turned into something more.

“He said, ‘My daughter was killed in Korea three years ago,’” recalled Price. “I said, 'That makes you a Gold Star Dad.' He said, ‘Nobody ever told me that.’”

It’s one of dozens of stories Price has, all connected by his goal to honor Gold Star Families.

“The families themselves are not looking for fame or glory,” he said. “They are just looking for someone to remember they made a huge sacrifice.”

Price is now writing a book about his stories from the road. If you would like more information about his ride, or how you can help, visit his website at