Museum of Failure opening this winter at Mall of America

The Museum of Failure at the Mall of America is opening November 5, offering a look into some the most unsuccessful products in history.

According to a release, the museum will feature 1980's super-advanced RCA Selectavision, the over-hyped 1957 Ford Edsel, Rejuvenique wrinkle remover, Heinz Ezee Squirt purple and blue ketchup, Bic For Her (pens for women) and more.

"You learn through failure," museum creator Dr. Samuel West said in the release. "The message I want to send is that sharing your unrefined ideas, your uncomfortable questions, and your experience of failures is essential for learning."

West, who worked with innovation research at Sweden’s Lund University, counsels corporations on innovation and what organizations can do to promote a climate of exploration and experimentation to achieve success by embracing failure.

The museum also offers visitors to share their personal stories of failure on a Post-it note. Created by a scientist with Minnesota-based 3M, the Post-it was technically a failure, as the creator was trying to develop a stronger adhesive at the time but ended up with the popular sticky note.

The exhibit will open to the public Jan. 9 on level two of the North Atrium. Tickets start at $18.