Mpls councilwoman says she will not apologize for posting constituents personal info online

The Minneapolis councilwoman who caused an uproar for tweeting private information about her constituents after they criticized her for participating in the Black Lives Matter on Dec. 23 protests is speaking out.

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Councilwoman Alondra Cano received an ethical complaint for her actions and said she's talking to the city attorney about how to respond. She said she was trying to "encourage public discourse" by sharing the messages she received through the city's website.

She told us she took down her tweets when it became a distraction, but they had already gone viral. Some people in Minneapolis are calling for her resignation.

Cano says is not apologizing to those whose information she posted online.

“The information was never private,” Cano says.  “I didn't have to [post it] and I did and I stand by those actions because I don't think I broke any rules. I don't think it was unethical.”

None of the people whose information was shared said they have received any threats. However, Cano said she has received two death threats for sharing the information.

Cano received an e-mail that read, "Your days are numbered,” and a tweet that said, "I hope you and your family suffer and God make it a slow well deserved death."