More than 400 cars towed in latest Minneapolis snow emergency

It’s a winter inevitability no one who parks on the street looks forward to – snow emergency.

“If people want to gamble and think 'oh I’ll take my chances' they are only hurting their neighbors,” said Mike Kennedy with the City of Minneapolis.

On the first night of Minneapolis’ recent snow emergency, over 400 cars were towed and just fewer than 1,000 ticketed. City officials say it’s impossible to tow every car, their focus usually falling in important, highly trafficked areas.

At the Minneapolis city impound, hundreds showed up on Thursday to collect their cars.

“My excuse, I don’t have an excuse, I should have known the rules,” said one man in line late Thursday evening.

Most cities, including Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington have information online on where residents need to park during a snow emergency.