More black bear sightings reported in, around Twin Cities metro

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A black bear cub has been spotted several times by residents in Stillwater, Minnesota. (Photo credit: Stillwater Police Department) 

Black bears have become a frequent sight around the Twin Cities metro this spring. 

Police in Stillwater, Minnesota said Thursday that residents have reported several sightings of a bear cub, likely a year old or older, in the area.

North of the metro, a FOX 9 viewer spotted an adult black bear running through the yards of her neighborhood in Lindstrom Thursday morning. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the state’s black bear range has been expanding southward and westward. 

To avoid potential conflict with bears, the DNR advises residents to check their property for attractants, such as birdseed and bird feeders, garbage, livestock feed or compost. 

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