Money allegedly stolen from Eastview HS senior class party

There is disappointment and anger at Eastview High School in Apple Valley where police are investigating allegations of fraud and embezzlement. Sources tell Fox 9 more than $9,000 disappeared from a bank account set up to raise money for the annual year-end senior class party.

News of the alleged theft has made its way across the Eastview High School campus, disappointing members of the senior class.

“I just hope there's a bouncy house,” said one high school senior. “That's my biggest hope - a bouncy house. Is there enough money? I hope. I don't know."

Fox 9 has learned a group of parent volunteers were raising cash and donations for the annual year-end bash that's exclusively thrown for the graduating 12th graders.

The party, typically held overnight around graduation at the school, gives students one final time to be together and celebrate their accomplishments.

But this year, an apparent Grinch has thrown a real wrench into the planning process.

According to sources, a one-time volunteer treasurer for the party committee may have siphoned funds for her own benefit.

The alleged suspect is also the parent of a student.

The Apple Valley police confirmed its investigators looked into the allegations and recently turned their findings over to the Dakota County Attorney's office for potential criminal charges.

One member of the planning committee, who asked that we conceal her identity, promised the party will go on despite what has taken place. 

"The committee is going to do a great job to give these kids a great party regardless of what happened,” said the anonymous planning committee member. “The whole purpose is to have a good time. This will not ruin it for them."