MnDOT closely watching road conditions for the Tuesday morning commute

After a snowy Monday on the roads, drivers can expect slippery conditions for the next few days as the temperatures will stay below freezing into the new year.

Light snow tapers late Monday night, leaving nasty road conditions for the Tuesday morning commute. A brisk north wind will bring blowing and drifting snow overnight and subzero wind chills across the region until about noon.

Overnight, MnDOT crews will be watching conditions closely to prepare for morning traffic.

"If we can get a break and get the roads to dry out, it will take a little less product," said Kirsten Klein, a MnDOT spokesperson. "If it stays wet it will be a little bit different and we’ll keep going through until the roads are clear."

Klein says MnDOT makes a lot of those decisions based on information gathered by the drivers on the road.

"We’ve got equipment in those trucks that will actually tell you the temperature of the road and will tell you the temperature of the air and what products to put down and how much needs to put down for it to be the most effective," she said.

The plows will be working to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature to keep the roads and shoulders clear.