Minnesota's Somali community reacts to Trump's executive order

The largest Somali community in the country is feeling a mix of emotions about President Donald Trump’s travel ban stopping those from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States.

Mohamud Noor, director of the Confederation of Somali Community Minnesota, monitors closely the number of people coming to the U.S. from Somalia each year.

This weekend, he’s also keeping track how many got caught up in the confusion from President Trump's latest executive order. Noor's coworker is among them -- he's a Somali-American citizen who traveled to Ethiopia the day before Trump put the refugee ban in place.

Now, Noor says his coworker is delayed in bringing his wife and children back.

“[His wife] already received her visa before the executive order,  but now those who have appointments, those who are supposed to get their visas -- those have been canceled,” Noor says.

Local activist Omar Jamal said another Minneapolis man was detained this weekend in New York along with a second man in Chicago. Jamal is among those who are hopeful that these changes by President Trump will make things better in the long run.

“It is a new day we are dealing with,” says Jamal. “Some of them support Trump's action because the country is at war and this is not permanent, this is temporary ban until we figure out who is coming in and who is going out. They are saying 'Yes we agree with that.'”

In the meantime, Noor said people are canceling upcoming travel plans out of fear they may not be able to return and are more concerned than ever about rumors of a Muslim registry.

“Many people have not changed their status for many reasons,” Noor said. “I think now many people will be jumping in to apply for citizenship soon.”