Minnesota weather: Cloudy with highs in the upper 20s

Monday will feature fairly cloudy conditions and likely be dry with highs in the upper 20s. 

Cloud cover will hold pretty strong through Monday afternoon, but there may be a break or two in the clouds. The high temperature will top out around 29 degrees on Monday in the Twin Cities. From Brainerd to Duluth, the area will see highs in the low 20s. And it'll be cold in northern Minnesota, with highs in the teens and single digits. 

Overnight, lows will drop into the teens for the Twin Cities, while northern Minnesota could see lows in the single digits. 

Temperatures will see a decent rebound on Tuesday, with a high of around 30 degrees in the Twin Cities and some sunshine across central Minnesota. 

Wednesday will be chillier, with a high of around 22 degrees and a light snow possible in the late morning/early afternoon. Otherwise, it'll be sunny. 

The forecast currently shows a bit of thawing heading into the weekend, with highs in the low 30s for Friday-Sunday.