Minnesota teen launches dog treat business over pandemic

Sadie Husted created her own dog treat business after finding baking success over the pandemic. (FOX 9)

A Victoria, Minnesota teen combined her baking skills and love of animals to create a dog treat business over the pandemic.

The first thing to know about the Husted household is there are a lot of wagging tails. It was a nickname for their furry friends that helped inspire Sadie Husted to start her own company.

"We call our dogs 'wiggly butts' and that's how they react when we give them the treats," said Sadie.

The 13-year-old began baking during quarantine to give herself something to do.

"I was making zucchini bread, banana bread, brownies, cupcakes, cakes," said Sadie.

But when her family had their fill, she turned to making peanut butter treats for her dogs, Sparkle and Tucker.

"My favorite part of baking for them is they get so excited and they always know when I'm making them," said Sadie.

Reaction to Sadie's pet project from friends and neighbors was so positive, she decided to go into business and created the Wiggly Butt Company last fall. She has her own logo, and website, but mom does the company's social media because Sadie is too young to be on it herself.

"It's kind of crazy because the reactions I get from people when I tell them I'm a business owner, they're like, 'No you're not.' I'm like, 'Yes, I am. I can show you my website and all of our products,'" said Sadie.

"We never really knew where this was going to go, but as a parent you want to inspire your kid to achieve the impossible and think big," said Zach Husted, Sadie's dad. "That is what we are trying to teach her and this is not the type of education she will get in school, so we're really proud of her."

Eventually, Sadie wants to expand her product line to include canine accessories as well. In the meantime, she plans to continue to shake up the business world and leave the competition behind.

"Having everyone call their dogs 'wiggly butts' and having them know what it means. That would be really, really cool," said Sadie.