Minnesota tax rebate: Where is my check, and am I eligible?

Tax rebates will be arriving soon for eligible Minnesotans.

The final version of the tax bill signed by Gov. Tim Walz will send $260 per taxpayer and per dependent for eligible people. The rebates are less than the $1,000 per taxpayer Gov. Walz and some Republicans requested. 

Who's eligible

  • $520 for joint filers with a 2021 adjusted income of less than $150,000
  • $260 for other filers with a 2021 adjusted income of less than $75,000
  • $260 for each dependent (up to three) for filers whose 2021 income was at or below those two thresholds.

How do I get my rebate?

The Minnesota Department of Revenue says taxpayers will not need to apply for the rebates, they will use 2021 income or property tax refund returns to determine eligible individuals and payout the rebate. 

If you are eligible, the rebates will be made either straight into your bank account or will be sent to the address attached to your 2021 tax filing. 

If your banking information or address has changed, the Department of Revenue says a new online system will be available this summer to make updates. 

When will my rebate arrive?

That is still being ironed out.

Minnesota Department of Revenue Commissioner Paul Marquart says, "We know this money is important for Minnesota families and we will allow time for eligible taxpayers to update their address and banking information this summer with the anticipation of sending out the refunds in early fall."