Minnesota Secretary of State says primary results could be delayed up to week, asks for patience

With more people voting absentee amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Minnesota election officials say it may take a few days to a week to get the ballots counted for next Tuesday’s primary election

In a letter to the media Friday, Secretary of State Steve Simon asked for patience when it comes to election results this year.

Simon said far more voters are expected to vote absentee this year compared to previous elections and processing all those mailed-in ballots will take more time. In addition, this year absentee ballots must be postmarked by Election Day and may be accepted within two days after the primary, unlike in previous elections when ballots had to be received by Election Day. 

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For the primary, the state Legislature granted 48 hours of relief after Election Day to allow election officials sufficient time to count ballots. 

“When you see the delay in reporting, know that it is by design, by law,” Simon said. “Our commitment to accuracy and maintaining our longstanding system of safe, secure elections remains strong. This year, it’s just going to take more time.”

Minnesota’s primary election will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 11.