Minnesota man's treehouse is 'ultimate man cave'

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It's something almost every child dreams about, but a Plymouth man has built his own treehouse in his backyard as the "ultimate man cave."

Matt Dunn is best known as a magician and the creator of Scream Town. But now, he's branching out to build the perfect place to let his imagination run wild.

From the spiral staircase that climbs to the front porch, to the one-of-a-kind furnishings on the first floor, almost everything about Dunn's backyard getaway is unique.

"When downtown Macy's was going out of business, I got this haunted clock from their Cinderella exhibit. That's the kind of stuff I love - unique spooky items that fit right in here," Dunn said. "I like that old gentleman's club kind of feel."

As a kid, the self-proclaimed "haunt-repreneur" always wanted to build his own treehouse.

So last summer, he and few buddies went out on a limb, constructing a two-story miniature cabin in the tree tops, that has a loft overlooking the main floor and a screened-in back porch, complete with a projector to show scary movies on the big screen 24 feet off the ground.

"I see people stuck in traffic going two to three hours up north. I go, 'jeez, I can go in the backyard. I'll see you guys later,'" Dunn said.

Being a magician for 20 years, Dunn has a few tricks up his sleeve, but the treehouse is where the real magic happens when coming up with ideas for his act and his other pet project.

"One or two nights a week, I'll sleep out here. You can feel the house moving. There's some movement but it's still safe. I love it. It's the ultimate man cave," Dunn said.

At 480 square feet, Dunn's tree house is bigger than some apartments, but he says his home away from home will always stay true to its roots.

"I hope the next homeowner enjoys it as much as I do so far," Dunn said.

Dunn says the city wouldn't let his treehouse have a bathroom or a kitchen.

And in case you're wondering, no he can't rent it out on Airbnb.