Minnesota magicians group celebrates 100 year anniversary of founding

A magicians collective in Minnesota celebrated 100 years this weekend.

A century ago, when the renowned Harry Houdini was touring the United States, he made a stop in Minneapolis and engaged with local magicians. He shared details about a new society he presided over, called "The Society of American Magicians," and suggested they establish their own chapter. As a result, Minneapolis became the 12th chapter for the organization.

A century later, that chapter is celebrating its 100th anniversary! A special gala was held in Plymouth on Sunday, featuring a plethora of magical performances, including close-up magic, table-side magic, and stage magic.

"The Twin Cities has a thriving magic community and we've got about 70 people here tonight to give you some sense of how big the community is. And even compared to some cities much bigger than the Twin Cities, we have a bigger proportion of magicians here and it's a really great place to meet other magicians and learn magic," said Adam Moore, a magician, during the celebration.

For more information about the organization, you can click here.