Minnesota House set to vote on marijuana bill

The Minnesota House is set to vote on a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana in Minnesota.

House File 100 will be among four pieces of legislation set for a House floor vote on Monday.

If approved, it wouldn't be the first time a recreational cannabis bill has been passed by the Minnesota House. In 2019, lawmakers approved a separate bill. In the past, marijuana legislation has faced a roadblock in the Senate. However, with DFL lawmakers taking control of the Senate, that could change this year.

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Currently, a companion cannabis bill is in its final stages in the Senate. The bill has been approved by 12 committees already and faces just one last hearing with the finance committee before potentially heading to the Senate floor.

If approved by both the House and the Senate, the cannabis bill would just need Governor Walz's signature to become law. As recently as last Thursday, on the 4/20 marijuana holiday, Governor Walz has signaled he will sign a bill to legalize recreational marijuana.

Last year, the Minnesota Legislature approved legislation that legalized hemp-derived THC products in Minnesota.