Minnesota GOP endorses Jeff Johnson for governor's race

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Minnesota republicans endorsed Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson for the governor’s race during the GOP State Convention Saturday in Duluth, Minnesota.

Johnson won the endorsement by acclamation.

Far from over, now the candidate will go onto the primary to face former governor Tim Pawlenty who decided forego the convention.

If all politics is local, it’s personal too. For gubernatorial candidates Mary Giuliani Stephens, Jeff Johnson and Philip Parrish, this was a push until the end for the endorsement

It’s now Johnson’s second endorsement for governor.

“Let’s keep this party in the hands of the grassroots and let’s go win this thing,” Johnson said.

In the end, regardless of who wins the primary, GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan said republicans across the state are depending on a strong gubernatorial candidate.

“This is the first open governor’s seat in eight years, and republicans haven’t held that seat in quite some time, so we really are focused and our chief priority is electing a republican governor,” she said.

Johnson said he believes the battle is for heart and soul of the republican party, uniting the grassroots movement and the elite. Ultimately, it will be the voters who decide.