Minnesota DNR shows off new firefighting aircraft, the FireBoss

A new firefighting aircraft, the FireBoss, will be used by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources during the 2015 fire season.

The state fire program recently transitioned from CL-215 planes to the new FireBoss in order to keep pace with changing technology and efficiencies. 

"The engine itself is like 400 times more reliable, it sounds like I'm exaggerating, but it's an actual statistic," Ron Stoffel, Wildfire Suppression Supervisor for the Minnesota DNR, said.

The FireBoss is a single engine air tanker with floats. It's manufactured by a Minnesota-based company, FireBoss, LLC of South St. Paul, and Texas-based Air Tracktor, Inc. They are operated by Aero Spray of Appleton, Minnesota.

There are currently now four FireBoss planes on contract at airports around Minnesota.