Minnesota Attorney General files lawsuit against Comcast

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson announced Friday she is suing Comcast/Xfinity, alleging they charged customers more than promised for cable television packages, charged for unordered products and failed to deliver promised prepaid gift cards. 

The lawsuit alleges Comcast/Xfinity promised customers a set price for a certain period or a promotional price, then added a number of undisclosed fees that could add 30 percent or more to their monthly cable bill. When customers questions those extra fees, Comcast falsely claimed the fees were out of the company’s control. 

The cable and internet provider is also accused of adding equipment or services the customer had declined to order to their bills without authorization. 

In the lawsuit, Swanson also argues Comcast/Xfinity promised prepaid Visa cards of up to $200 or more if they remained in the contract and up-to-date on their monthly payments for 90 days in good standing, but did not deliver those gift cards to thousands of Minnesotans. 

The lawsuit was filed Friday in Hennepin County District Court. 

Comcast released the following statement Friday: 

We’re committed to our customers in Minnesota, and it’s important to us to make sure customers completely understand the products and services they order. We fully disclose all charges, fees and promotional requirements. The facts do not support the Minnesota Attorney General’s allegations and we’d like nothing more than to work collaboratively with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office; however, they’ve raised complaints about matters that date back several years and have largely ignored our efforts to work together to address them.