Minneapolis Public Schools face $30 million budget deficit, $16 million in cuts

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Minneapolis Public Schools is looking to cut expenses to make up for a budget deficit expected to top $30 million. 

After seven years of dipping into its cash reserves, the new superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools says it is time to make some tough decisions. The school board is now set to vote on $16 million in budget cuts that could affect everything from hiring restrictions to growing class sizes. 

Most schools will see a two to two and a half percent cut in their operating budget, but teachers at Washburn High School say they were told to prepare for cuts of 13 percent. 

 Parents say that could mean cutting school counselors, social workers and special education coordinators. 

"I’m afraid that our school is going to become less safe and we're going to have less opportunities to learn and grow as students,” Washburn High School student Ethan Buss said.  

The Minneapolis schools board's finance committee will meet Thursday to discuss the cuts. The school district is also considering a referendum this fall.