Minneapolis PD says it will be ready for Trump fans, protesters at next week's rally

President Donald Trump is on his way back to Minnesota next week, this time to the state’s largest city where he is set to host a 2020 campaign rally in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

It’s a rally likely to draw thousands of supporters as well as a myriad of protest groups at a time of incredible division in the state and country as an impeachment inquiry continues on Capitol Hill.

“I don’t know how many people will come down here for it, but I know it will probably be quite a bit of people protesting it,” said one downtowner.

With potentially charged crowds and the political discord that exists, safety and security will be a top priority.

“Everyone hopes for the best, but prepares for the worst,” said John Elder, of the Minneapolis Police Department. “That’s not uncommon and that’s good foresight.”

Elder was not spilling any secrets about law enforcement’s plans for the event, only telling FOX 9 that the city that hosted a high-security Super Bowl just 20 months ago will be ready. He described it as an all hands on deck, large-scale event.

“We have no idea what will befall us that day, but rest assured, the Minneapolis Police Department and our law enforcement partners will be ready,” Elder said.

While those wearing the badge will be the first line of defense, anecdotally, we’re hearing downtown businesses close to Target Center are planning to beef up their own security details.

Over at the Laurel Village Apartment Complex for example, building management told residents Wednesday they would add a couple of onsite officers to “assist with the increased foot traffic” expected with the Trump rally.

The rally is set for Thursday, Oct. 10.