Minneapolis Park Board clears Peavey Park encampment

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board cleared the Peavey Park encampment after the board unanimously approved the action in July.

The Park Board issued notices to vacate the site Aug. 10 when approximately 12 tents existed in the park.

This summer, the Park Board voted to limit the number and size of the city’s encampments in parks, including banning them in safe school zones. Peavey Park was cleared due to its proximity to K-12 Hope Academy, which began classes Sept. 2.

The Park Board said efforts to clear the encampment without law enforcement were “unsuccessful,” this month. Hennepin County and St. Stephens were on site “multiple times” in an effort to get those in the encampment connected with local services.

“Since August 10, we have sought a peaceful disbandment of the camp, as we have disbanded other camps in the park system. The use of law enforcement has been a last resort at Peavey, as it was at Powderhorn Park,” said Superintendent Bangoura.

Once the encampment is cleared Thursday, the site will be cleaned.