Minneapolis odd-even sprinkling restrictions remain in effect, no additional limits implemented

Minneapolis officials say water conservation efforts and the recent rain have kept the city from implementing any additional limits on outdoor water use amid the ongoing drought. 

However, because the Mississippi River remains well below normal water flow rates, the city’s odd-even sprinkling restrictions implemented in late July will remain in effect.

Minneapolis, and much of Minnesota, remains in an extreme drought as defined by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Statewide Drought Plan.

Under the sprinkling restrictions, sprinkling lawns is not allowed from noon-6 p.m. Houses on the even-numbered side of the street can water their lawns outside of the noon-6 p.m. window on even days and vice versa. Hand watering of bushes and flowers is allowed and vegetable gardens may be watered on any day outside of the noon-6 p.m. window.

Minneapolis is continuing to encourage residents and businesses to conserve water and avoid leaving sprinklers and hoses unattended. 

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