Saturday offers chance of thunderstorms

As much of Minnesota is facing dry conditions, a chance of isolated thunderstorms arrives Saturday. However, they'll likely be scattered and not widespread. A cold front will follow into Sunday, before more warm temperatures around the corner early next week.

Twin Cities seeing driest October in over 40 years

Despite the light rain earlier this week, the dry conditions in the Twin Cities and much of the southern half of the state continue to get worse. That's after one of the driest 5 month stretches on record, with little relief in sight. Lake Minnetonka is at its lowest water level since 2000, and other waterways are also well below normal.

September 2022 is the driest September on record for the Twin Cities

Well, if you've spent any time in Minnesota in September over the years, you know we can get and have had just about everything. From high heat and humidity to very gusty winds, plenty of rain, and even some snowflakes. This year though, it's been more of the same; warm and VERY dry. Dry enough in fact, that we're finishing up our driest September on record in the Twin Cities. That's not good, considering we just finished one of the driest summers on record.

Farmers in the Minnesota River Valley struggle with drought

The driest conditions in the state are centered around the metro, in a thin stripe of moderate to severe drought along the Minnesota River Valley. In that area, some farmers are predicting up to a 50% loss in their yields for the second consecutive year.