Minneapolis now has designated parking spots for scooters

Credit: City of Minneapolis

As scooters roll throughout the streets of Minneapolis, there's now a designated place to park them.

According to officials, the city started a pilot program to understand where and how combined bike/scooter infrastructure use and curb space can lessen obstructions to sidewalks and pedestrians. They also hope it will "reinforce appropriate riding behavior."

The parking areas were requested by the Minneapolis Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities due to accessibility concerns, specifically in the downtown area.

A portion of the scooter pilot program fees will go toward infrastructure enhancements, including the parking spots themselves.

The city also hopes the spots will promote use by making the scooters more visible to the public.

The scooter parking locations are:

-    3rd Ave S near 12th St S (Porkchop island)
-    East side of 1st Ave N, just N of 8th St N intersection (No Stopping zone)
-    North side of 4th St S, just W of 4th Ave S intersection (Former bus contraflow lane)
-    Washington Ave S between 2nd Ave S & Marquette (No Stopping zone, hatched area)
-    West side of 1st Ave N at curb cut for midblock alley between 5th and 6th St N
-    North side of 6th St S, just E of Nicollet (No Parking zone)
-    East side of 11th Ave S, just S of 2nd St S (Buffered area between travel lane and curb adjacent to bike lane)
-    East side of 4th Ave S, just S of 7th St intersection (No Parking zone)
-    North side of 6th St S, just W of 2nd Ave S (between fire hydrant and signal)
-    East side of Portland, just N of W River Pkwy (by Mill Ruins Park sign)