Minneapolis council still at stalemate on future of 3rd Precinct

The Minneapolis City Council discussed on Tuesday where the new location for the 3rd Precinct will be. Despite months of feedback, the precinct's future remains uncertain.

Tuesday's meeting comes after the mayor sent a stern letter Monday urging the city council to make a decision. During the meeting, a council committee once again took the latest idea for the 3rd Precinct off the table.

The question of where to place the 3rd Precinct has been a topic of discussion since it was burned down in 2020 during the unrest that followed the murder of George Floyd. Originally, there were plans to put it on Minnehaha Avenue, but those plans fell apart.

While some advocate for rebuilding at the original location, others argue that it would be too traumatic. Council President Andrea Jenkins suggested placing it in the Century Plaza Building and sharing the space with the 1st Precinct. However, the committee voted unanimously Tuesday to drop that option.

"We shouldn't feel rushed on making a decision on these significant matters," said Linea Palmisano, representing the 13th Ward.

"I was under the impression that we unanimously made that decision. So I'm really confused by this proposal that's being brought forward today," said Andrea Jenkins, Council President, Ward 8.

Jenkins' plan would have added floors to the Century Plaza building, to temporarily house the precinct, while the council figured out a permanent home.

"Two floors, actually a third we didn't even need. A couple of hundred extra parking spots. $30 million, ten-year term—none of those points were interesting to me, so let's move on," said Lisa Goodman, representing Ward 7.

The primary concern seemed to be the cost, especially given that the location was only temporary and located just outside the 3rd Precinct. No new location was announced Tuesday, although one council member mentioned having found a different viable option to consider.

The mayor stated in his letter that if the council won't make the decision, they should give him the authority to do so, a move that seems unlikely at the moment. For now, the future location of the 3rd Precinct remains unknown.