Minneapolis closes 4 beaches due to high E. coli levels

File photo Minneapolis beach closed due to bacteria levels.

As people are getting ready to spend time outdoors for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has temporarily closed four beaches due to high E. coli levels. 

Lake Hiawatha Beach, Lake Harriet North Beach, and Bde Maka Ska North Beach, along with its 32nd Street Beach, closed on Tuesday after E. coli bacteria levels exceeded the state guidelines. 

These closures are likely due to a combination of recent rainfall and high water levels causing the bacteria to wash into the lake, according to MPRB.

The levels were detected during routine monitoring of the lake's water quality, and there have been no reports of swimmers falling ill. Once the levels are within the state-specified guidelines, the beaches will reopen. 

The MPRB provided tips for swimmers to stay healthy, including: 

  • Don't swim if you or your child have diarrhea or are sick. 
  • Be careful to not get lake water in your mouth. 
  • Wash your hands before eating and after changing a diaper. 
  • Avoid swimming for 48 hours after a heavy rainfall, when bacteria levels can be high.  
  • Towel dry immediately after exiting the water to prevent Swimmer's Itch.
  • Do not swim in water that looks like "pea soup" or spilled paint floating on the surface. 
  • Keep children and pets out of blue-green algae scum. 

Eight other MPRB lakes remain open as of Wednesday morning. You can check the status of the lakes on their website here