Minn. native recovering after shot in torso during Las Vegas shooting

A Minnesota native is recovering after suffering serious injuries during the shooting in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest festival.

Phil Aurich and his girlfriend, Alyson Opper, were having such a blast at the weekend country music festival he posted on his Facebook page “Tonight is one of those nights you won't soon forget.” 

"His girlfriend said they had so much fun the first two nights,” said Mike Aurich, Phil's father. “Everybody having fun, it was such a shock."

Mike Aurich received the devastating call Monday morning.

"[Opper] said, ‘Phil's been shot,’” said Mike. “When we got here, he was not in good shape. He's still in intensive care."

The Aurichs now believe the 36-year-old Minnesota native was shot once in the torso. The bullet tore apart Phil's insides and remains lodged in his lung nearly 48 hours later.

Doctors have told the family Phil was lucky he was wearing a compression-style t-shirt that gave him some extra time when seconds made a difference in the chaos of the mass shooting.

His family is optimistic. The father of two young children is said to be progressing well, responding to treatment at the University Medical Center.

"We know we're blessed,” said Mike Aurich. “Lord is taking care of him. Some folks didn't make it. Lord must have something for him down the road."

Phil Aurich moved out to Vegas after college. There is no timetable on his recovery yet, but again his family says he is improving and medical staff is weening him from his meds and he is starting to regain consciousness.