Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis to host Black Flea Market

Midtown Global Market will host a Black Flea Market for the first time ever. (FOX 9)

A Minneapolis entrepreneur is organizing a special flea market highlighting Black business owners.

“My first event that I actually put together was this past August - the Black Entrepreneur State Fair,” said Destinee Shelby, the entrepreneur and owner of Baked Brand in Minneapolis.

The summer event where Black business owners could sell their products was a huge success. Now, Shelby is onto her next idea: Black Flea Market at Midtown Global Market.

“I think that’s my biggest vision for this is for us as Black entrepreneurs to come together and have each other to bounce back off of and learn things from,” said Shelby.

The flea market will feature more than a dozen black entrepreneurs, selling everything from candles to baked goods and books.

“This is the first of its kind and that’s what makes it even more exciting,” said Earlsworth ‘Baba’ Letang, the director of Midtown Global Market.

Midtown Global Market reached out to Shelby after her summer event, wanting to partner with her this fall.

“We support her, we believe in her, we believe in our Black-owned businesses and we are just creating the space to give them an opportunity to sell their ideas and get some traffic,” said Letang.

Shelby says organizing these opportunities are important to her because she knows the hustle it’s taken to get here.

“Growing up, no one even taught me about money, nobody taught me about business...we as Black entrepreneurs that grew up the same way - we need to stick together,” she said.

She says now more than ever is the time to lift one another up.

“Let’s all grow, let’s all learn, let’s all gain,” said Shelby.

The Black Flea Market is taking place Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Midtown Global Market. Shelby says if all goes well, this could become a monthly event.