Mendota Heights Police: Prank could've turned out much worse

Credit: Mendota Heights Police

A group of teenage boys' prank could have turned out much worse.

According to Mendota Heights police, around 1 a.m. Saturday, an officer was driving behind an SUV on Mendota Heights Road at Huber when the SUV ran over a tree that was intentionally placed on the road.

When the officer stopped to check on the vehicle, the officer could hear several voices laughing in the distance. Witnesses notified officers they saw three teenage boys walking through yards nearby. 

Police say the SUV was not damaged and no one was injured, but they're lucky it was an SUV that ran the tree over and not a motorcyclist.

"The purpose for this post is to make sure we educate our youth on how what they believe is an 'innocent' and 'funny' prank can go very badly. Parents of teens, please use this example to remind them pranks can go wrong with severe consequences. We are very happy tonight’s prank didn’t turn fatal," police wrote on Facebook.