Manchester: 2 more suspects arrested

Britain has reduced its terrorism threat level from critical to severe, as authorities continue to unravel the plot behind the Manchester bombing.

Police arrested two more men on Saturday. This brings the number of suspects in custody up to 11.

While the threat level has been lowered, authorities are asking the British people to remain vigilant. Soldiers will continue to be stationed at high-profile sites through the weekend, and will gradually be withdrawn starting Monday.

In that same vein, Manchester’s great City Games are underway, attracting the first large crowd to the area since the deadly concert bombing.

The track events opened with a moment of silence for the 22 victims who lost their lives in the attack. Several people attending the sporting event said they’re not going to let fear prevent them from having a good time.

“You’ve got to mourn what’s happened, but at the end of the day, you’ve just got to carry on,” said events-goer Paul Collins.”

On the flip side, several music events that were scheduled in Manchester this weekend have been cancelled.